Our Work

Working in partnership Arise Advocacy recognise the importance of building strong relationships so that we can provide the best possible support to our service users. We would rather complement existing projects than duplicate them in order to enhance high-quality services within the community.

Developing good working relationships with other local organisations helps us understand the needs of the local population. By sharing local knowledge with community organisations and support groups we can ensure that we reach hard-to-reach communities and everyone needing our support can access it. We share information about our services with these organisations so that we can make referrals to each other. Together we can spot gaps in services and help stop people falling through them.

Arise Advocacy is/shall be co-operating as active partners with
important local and national agencies such as;

  • Local Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Sure Start and Children Centres.
  • Religious based organisations eg Churches and mosques.
  • Family Support services.
  • Community health services eg NHS, GP, Health Visitors.
  • Local businesses.
  • Refugee & Asylum Organisations.
  • British Red Cross (BRC).


We know that good communication with doctors, social workers, care managers, complaints teams and other professionals can help us get better outcomes for our service users.

We rely on professionals to refer people who need support to us so it is important that they have confidence in our services and know that our advocates are well trained and qualified. We make a point of going out to meet professionals, offer training and attend team meetings to explain our services.

Our services are independent, confidential and user-led so we never allow relationships with professionals to negatively affect our work with service users.